Kumadvathi First Grade College,  Shikaripura

Kumadvathi First Grade College

Shivamogga Road, Shikaripura
  (08187) 224132



 Important Events in Sports

  • Participating  inter-collegiate tournaments
  • Conducting the intramural sports competitions (UG students)
  • Participating in outside sports competitions
  • Teach  Yogic exercises
  • Teach  indoor sports activities
  • Teach  outdoor sports activities
  • Conducting Teacher sports
  • Conveyance to  University selections and inter collegiate

Important Events

Sl No Outdoor Activities Indoor Activities
01 Cricket Chess
02 Throw-ball Corram
03 Basket Ball Table-tennis
04 Athletics  Shettle
05 Volleyball
06 Hockey
07 Kho-Kho
08 Kabaddi
09 Hand Ball
10 Swimming