Kumadvathi First Grade College,  Shikaripura

Kumadvathi First Grade College

Shivamogga Road, Shikaripura
  (08187) 224132
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Vission & Mission


” To Create an environment which helps students develop a strong sense of 3Ds (Discipline, Dedication and Determination) ” and to participate in the nation’s march towards a knowledge society by nurturing intellectual growth


Our mission is to provide quality education from the elementary to tertiary levels thereby creating human assets and to foster an ethical environment founded on human values in which both spirit and skill thrives to enrich the quality of life.

  • Helping students transform their dream into reality.
  • To develop a range of skills like critical thinking. Independent learning, creativity… etc. in students.
  • To enable students to achieve their goal, thus attain happiness and satisfaction.

We value people with…

  • Commitment, Integrity and Honesty.
  • Passion for teaching and working in an educational institution.
  • Respectful and dedicated.
  • Eager to take on big challenges.
  • Self critical, questioning and committed to personal excellence and self-improvement.