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As a teacher training institution our institution takes responsibility of molding the minds of thousands of budding teachers. Hence various co-curricular and extra curricular programmes are conducted weekly under various clubs. Each club prepares plan of action at the beginning of the academic year, one staff member is nominated to look after efficient functioning of each club. The important clubs functioning in the institution are:

  1. Science Club: This club functions in the institute by conducting various science related activities and functions, this club meets once in fortnight. It plans and organizes the activities. At the end of the academic year prizes are distributed to good performer.
  2. Eco Club: This club organizes exhibitions, seminars and also programmes on environmental issues, awareness, sanitation, role and importance of plants and animals in our universe & conducts field trips.
  3. Sports Club: This club organizes various sports activities, conducts tournaments and participates in several tournaments.
  4. Excursion Committee: This committee organizes various excursion activities, conducts tours & field trips.
  5. S.U.P.W. Club: This club functions on work experience education, which organizes survey, hospital visits, interior decorations, TLM preparation, tailoring activities etc.
  6. Computer Club: This club organizes practical classes on basic skills on computer operation, Internet, internet use & computer related activities etc.

Including These Clubs college is formed Human Rights Club, Anti ragging Committee, Anti Women Harassment & Red Cross Committee. Through these Committees various programmes are conducted.